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Posted on 19/01/2015 by Rachel Jackson in category Blog
Many of us have now finalised our budgets for 2015. Staffing requirements are a large part of budget planning and it’s easy to look at historic figures and forget how much the economy has changed over the last 12 months.  An interesting figure from ...
Posted on 23/12/2014 by Sameena Rehman in category Blog
​Throughout business life we continue to work with new customers and win new business; this is fundamental for the success of any company. And occasionally, through the process of securing new leads, issues of trust arise that leave you thinking ‘wha...
Posted on 20/11/2014 by Duncan Ward in category Blog
In a recent survey of CEOs conducted by PWC, identification of future talent was considered to be the biggest concern of the next few years by more than 60% of the respondents. Part of the reason for this is the increasing shortage of talent, as well...
Posted on 04/11/2014 by Duncan Ward in category News
"Employees do not leave their job they leave their manager..." The economy is now growing, as is the job market. As a direct result, employees will resign from their jobs with increasing regularity. It’s time for businesses to focus on wh...
Posted on 16/10/2014 by Ricky Fullman in category Blog
It’s time to take control of your career …. but how? …… The only person in charge of your success is you Are you feeling trapped by a job you hate? A bad boss you don’t like? Not happy with your pay? Or all of these things? Then it’s time you ta...
Posted on 06/10/2014 by Russell Beck in category Blog
​What happens if you have a bad experience in a restaurant? What do you do? Do you go there again? Do you tell your friends? Do you post it on social media? Do you rate them on TripAdvisor? Do you recommend people not to go there? Do you mak...
Posted on 23/09/2014 by Duncan Ward in category Blog
​With a finance department of over 600 staff, Tesco's announcement yesterday surely says something about its decision making and potential layers of accountability? Where SMEs can prosper is when you have very transparent ownership and accountability...
Posted on 22/09/2014 by Tony Marshall in category Blog
A blank document in front of you and a CV to write – painful isn’t it? • Firstly, recruiters, guys like me, who will make a snap judgment based on what they see on a word document. Sad, but true• Secondly, that CV needs to get past the recruitment t...
Posted on 17/09/2014 by Ricky Fullman in category Blog
A study last month revealed that 71% of young people believe you need a degree to succeed in a career in finance and accountancy. While it isn’t entirely surprising that they think this – after all, it is a highly technical field – the statistic is...
Posted on 28/08/2014 by Steve Coyne in category Blog
​What is EVP?  An Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the “why” behind an individual working for your business.  It incorporates your characteristics, benefits and modus operandi, and in particular gives your organisation a clear differentiator f...
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