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Candidate Support

We know what it takes for finance and accountancy professionals to impress employers before and during their interview, and here we share that knowledge.
Through a series of relevant and straightforward guides, you’ll get tips and advice that will help you to land your next great job.

​Bristol Location Guide

Combining a relaxed country lifestyle with a vibrant city scene, Bristol throws together the best of rural and urban living in a way few large cities can replicate.

In this guide, we look at why more and more people are relocating to the largest city in South West England in search of a more meaningful career...and a better life.​

Download the guide here 

​Interview techniques


There’s a lot to think about before an interview. 

This guide tells you what you should be focusing on, with practical tips that will improve your chances of making a lasting impression.


Interview questions


What questions will be asked in your interview?
It’s impossible to know for certain, but our experience has given us a good idea of the most common ones. Here, we share those questions, along with advice on how you should answer them.


An introduction to the challenges faced in a multi-generational workforce
A multi-generational workplace is inevitably a complicated one. People of different ages typically have different perspectives on the world. They disagree on the most fundamental issues. They dress differently, eat differently and travel differently. And more pertinently, they work differently.

Overworked, overwhelmed, and over-connected: Making life easier for today’s employees

During the recession, businesses had to do more with less. For employees, the consequences were very predictable: more work, more responsibilities and more hours


Good ethics: Bad business? The question of the living wage

The national minimum wage has only been in place in the UK since 1998. It was one of the triumphs of New Labour; a policy that left-wing politicians recall with great pride. And yet, less than 20 years later, the current minimum wage is often deemed inadequate.

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